Saturday, February 6, 2016

First Things First - THE PLAN

So many of the readers of my e-mails are couples, or families of couples, whom we have already married.  The fog of planning for the wedding of which we were participants as wedding ministers has drifted into the past; but, the memories of bringing together all the vendors and support activities down to one date is remembered as a challenge. So much can be accomplished with such ease when attention to this one-time special occasion is given adequate time to plan.

Many considerations must go into planning a wedding, whether hosting a small or large audience. What is the most convenient time (Spring, Summer, Fall?) and location (farm, home, vineyard, chapel, etc.?) to insure that most guests can schedule attendance and make the trip with ease and expectation that a holiday or storm season will not leave them in an airport hundreds of miles away?  Budget considerations are prominent in all planning. Inside or outside for the ceremony, the reception, the music, the d├ęcor, the sound, the photography and alternatives for moving inside based on inclement weather.

A very deliberate list for planning has such merit.

AND THAT LIST NEEDS TO BE MADE AND EXPLORED WITH A KEY PLANNER FOR EACH BUSINESS WHO WILL FILL ALL THE SLOTS AS VENDORS.  Once you have decided on the desired month, an idea of venue for your budget, then discuss present availability based on those days which are available for booking.  Then - make a call list to check with your priority list of support people and their availability for the date. AND PLEASE PLACE THE WEDDING MINISTER ON THAT CALL LIST AS TO AVAILABILITY IN THE EARLY PLANNING.

Most Weddings which are structured to host family and friends are based on two parts:  The actual wedding service or ceremony and the party which follows.

We are concerned with the ceremony and providing a service which represents the depth of feelings which a couple wishes to express for the most important gathering of family and friends in their lives. As soon as a couple has a projected idea for a date, or a weekend, and a venue, or at least a town and state ... then go to my website home page at and access the "Contact" sheet across the top of the page, or the inquiry note at the bottom of the page.

Complete that short inquiry and send.  This is the most immediate method for learning if dates and times are open, and how long you have to make our participation permanent.  Once we have this basic info, exchanges can begin.

Read the website and blog postings and learn more about all contacts. There needs to be a feeling of comfort with each vendor, but most certainly with a wedding minister. It is he or she who is allowing your audience to know that they are attending the most special day in your journey together.

If you are a family member or close friend of a bride or groom just beginning to explore for the "big day," pass this item along to them. It may be the information that frees them from unnecessary stress.  That alone is often a wonderful gift for a nervous couple in need of guidance.

Just sharing ...  Reverend Elisheva