Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beautiful Locale for Weddings & Ceremonies

It is not often that we write a special entry to promote a business or person, but sometimes, something comes along that requires mentioning. When a couple confronted with all the planning and excution of the dream wedding, we know this can take its toll .

So when something comes across my path as a wedding minister, which is exceptional, I like to pass it on to my friends. I know most of you are married already, but maybe there will be a friend, family member or vow renewal in your future in need of a locale.

The place I'm speaking of is called "Khimaira Farms" located in the beautiful rolling mountains of Virginia near the town of Luray. You may explore more information about Khimaira Farms at their website located at the following: http://eventsatthefarm.com/

The contact person is Linda Campbell (email: linda@Khimaira.com) who is a very professional and delightful coordinator. The feedback we have had from couples, so far, has warranted this information being passed to you today.

Blessings, Rev Elisheva

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poem by Reverend T. Wade Clegg III

The mirror reflected a mark,
just over my heart

An old wound,
still painful to touch

No, not painful
at the entry point

But just below
at the center of my being

There, where love was ...
and is no more.

Oh wake me,
please wake me

Let me shed this skin
and dream again

And gaze into that mirror
no blemish will I see

There, where love is ...
and will forever be.

From the thoughts of Reverend T. Wade Clegg III

Then - is it not absolutely logical that the most powerful emotion within the human condition will energize a room, and two observors will experience the full influence of these magnetic waves. Perhaps this is the lightning which has been so often expressed in metaphors over time eternal, when true lovers meet. If only this were enough to sustain a relationship; that explosive rush which leaves knees weak and tongues tied. This is the beginning, yes, but the depth of the magnetism to sustain requires constant nourishment, constant observation. In the act of commiting to one another in the acceptance of marriage, each observor is aware that love is sustained by attention. The act of commiting clearly indicates that this unknown force which drew this couple together will be sustained because of their openly declared intention. This intention will influence and continue to energize and from it the most powerful result in creation will result in the human effort. It is called oneness.