Monday, June 9, 2008

Link to "A Most Lethal Weapon - Words"

Please take a few minutes, as time allows, and go to Reverend Elisheva's entry for this month on the new interfaith ministry wikizine, The article is entitled "A Most Lethal Weapon - Words." It is an important read.

There are forces at work which are very destructive, and some are extraordinary in their harshness. Elisheva has taken time to explore and outline some very revealing information which may shock some readers. The entry on the internet magazine,, is being used since the BLOG entries are generally used for much shorter, more concise entries.

Your attention to the article at: is appreciated.

Reverend T. Wade Clegg III

Book Marks

A Poem by Reverend T. Wade Clegg III

When there is
knowledge gained
wisdom obtained

be not hampered

Allow yourself
to stretch
or you will never know

the incredible
which is YOU!

My Personal Reflections
When I was a small boy, the favorite gift which came my way was a book or a bible. I really enjoyed receiving books, and they were always inscribed with personal notes from friends or relatives. I even received bibles from my grandparents which offered family birthdays and complete names for many past generations. Even to this date, I still reach for my Grandmother Della Daisy Clegg's Bible for a family reference regarding a cousin's full name and birthday.

Sometimes these old books or bibles, passed along to me, had little newspaper clippings. Memorial announcements, weddings, favorite poems and scripture, even pressed flowers, would be lodged in chapter after chapter. I still look through old books and bibles in used book stores, hoping to discover some momento important to the former owner.

I have books with personal handwritten notes from the 1800's. I am still sharing the heartfelt expressions from the giver of the book to its recipent ... but now I am the holder of the book and privileged to share in the original experience.

I began to think about what to leave in my favorite books to be passed along to my children and grandchildren. What tidbit of knowledge or inspiration could I offer? I doubt that I will ever produce a book of my own, although that possibility might occur; however, I stumbled upon one method whereby I can be in everyone's book, even if they did not intend my presence. I thought, "I will simply impose myself upon the great authors by inserting myself in between the pages, and affiliate myself with their productive influences."

Some years ago I began to write "book marks" with my own little bursts of inspiration for consideration. The little poem above is just such an item. The thought simply popped into my head while reading a marvelous book. So I made this book mark (like so many others) and placed it at the page which had so much meaning for me. I hoped that one of my children or grandchildren would come across the book mark and think, "I wonder what made granddad leave a marker at this particular page?" And I imagined that he or she would be stimulated to read the section closely and perhaps return to Chapter One and enjoy the entire book. It seemed like a really good idea.

Reading is such a marvelous pleasure, and perhaps these few paragraphs will stimulate you to write your own poems or thoughts or humor, and then provide marvelous books for the next generation to discover, while also discovering you, tucked in between the pages.

What a fantastic find! Don't you think so?