Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When a Love Affair Impacts Total Strangers in a Most Positive Way

bride-holding-bouquet.jpg You would be absolutely correct to assume that the love of two people expressed openly for family and friends in a wedding ceremony truly radiates an energy deeply shared by all. You would also be correct to assume that over the course of the life of those couples who sustain and nourish their love for each other, each new contact to enter their home will be influenced by the kindness which is integral from a loving environment.
There is another unexpected consequence of a ceremony performed by Rev.  Elisheva

Since 2010 a significant portion of every ministerial fee received has been directed to support
the independent non-religious, nonprofit, 501(c)3, ALL volunteer public charity known as Interfaith Humanitarian Sanctum (IHS). Some couples over the years have made separate donations and others were made aware that a percentage of their wedding fee would be applied to support the least able among us in times of family crisis ... families neither the ministers or the couples will ever meet or know. 

So - when a couple reads my blog posting of November 11, 2013 which is 2014 guidance for allowing me to be considered as the wedding minister, it is prominent to know that their love for each other will cause a ripple effect when it  reaches out to be shared by strangers in crisis.
"In essence the love of two people through the act of a public commitment is extended one more level when an automatic contribution is triggered for lodging, food, and other needs for an underfunded patient or caregiver to sustain for a long distance trip for critical treatment to the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Every wedding allows a couple to fall under our umbrella which states, ' You don't have to know someone to be a Friend'."
Blessings .... Reverend Elisheva