Monday, November 5, 2007

Happiness - Equal Opportunity for All

by Rev. T. Wade Clegg, III

If you believe in a good and gracious God,
you must rise above the defects in any
religious beliefs which deter, deny and
advocate that happiness be limited to a
designated group.

America is not only based on the pursuit
of happiness, but its character is defined
by the right of an individual to obtain it.
American character is defined by the
determination of the most gifted, most
secure, most abundantly blessed to assure
that happiness can be a reality for all, even
when happiness by so many is but a dream,
seemingly unattainable

Look deeply into your faith and if any
religious or political leader, who is secure
in his or her own pursuit of happiness, yet
devoted to the denial of others to have that
same right, then look away from that person,
group or organization, and find fellowship
with those in diligent pursuit of awakening
the best in our nature.

To do nothing or support the diminishment
of another's happiness is a distortion of that
which is good and gracious. People are
endowed with the capacity to rise above
any dogma perpetuated by men. When
Scripture is not allowed to bring out the best
in humanity, it has no attachment to that which
is proclaimed to be good and gracious...and
certainly no God worthy of recognition and
praise would associate with such perversions.

It is simply not logical to believe that happiness
must be confined. You will not have to look too
deeply to recognize those who proclaim their
selfishness by advocation or simply adherence.
Once known...take the path which allows you
to reach your higher self for the least able
among us. If you are in need of a purpose, this
rates among the most divine human objectives.