Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Personal Note to Myself

Hello Wade,

Do keep in touch and allow me to know how life is progressing. Talk to me; I will hear you. If it feels like it's not progressing, then you are not involved enough in it.

I look around often and check to see if all my limbs are working, that I can still run, that I can speak without stuttering, that I think above average with interest, and I do listen, and I know there are people who care about me. With this start and many more assets, I also realize that there are people around me who have never known all of these marvelous blessings ... and I am the person in their path who can be a friend.
"When the giving begins...the heart changes gears and pumps exhilaration into those empty spaces. Be abundant with your giving. That gratifying after-taste in your mouth is the receiving. To give is to receive. Do not expect a nod or an acknowledgment; just smile inside and offer a thank you for the opportunity to experience this level of a fully functional, spiritual existence."
I do believe it is an evolutionary process which is a part of human development, for peaceful co-existence is a very selfish process. It preserves all of us and it feels so very correct. It allows for promoting the best in all of us and places our productive qualities into action. It is the only way which will preserve this fragile species and allow us time to move beyond this planet and out among the stars when this place called Home is exhausted or placed in jeopardy by natural forces which will visit.

We will all be a part of that group so far in the future who takes the next leap. We will have placed a tiny seed into a stranger's will to reach out and take a hand and touch and care, and direct energy outward to others in that long chain of curious, loving children who will follow. We will not receive a nod or acknowledgment from that band of explorers. We won't have to...for we know now our importance to their journey. NOW is what we have and it is everything.

Do forgive me for this extended reflection, for I am delaying your journey; but it just came to my fingers, and I believe YOU are a vital part of NOW.

Stay involved NOW where you are. There are so many who have need of YOUR caring. This is one truth of which I am confident. Rest assured that I am here to remind YOU of your singular importance to the NOW. Stay focused and embrace the opportunity.

And, if you ever have a to me. I am listening. Love...Me

Reverend T. Wade Clegg III