Saturday, September 15, 2007


Greetings. My name is Elisheva C. Clegg. I am an ordained interfaith minister, chaplain and pastoral counselor, M.A. serving Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland and North Carolina.

“Creating personalized, original ceremonies incorporating practices, rituals, prayers, poems, readings and music honoring the cultural, ethnic and racial diversity of each couple.”

A personalized ceremony is much more than the action of arranging and selecting poems, rituals, readings, etc. The ceremony is the CORE of the wedding and should capture the depth of meaning for the couple’s journey together. Each couple is a co-creator of their ceremony in expressing their love, commitment, hopes and desires for their future.

I use many avenues to accomplish this goal. One such avenue is the completion of a questionnaire by the bride and groom individually which allows them to express themselves fully while offering the necessary answers which allow me to get to know each on a deeper level. My role as a wedding minister is very sacred to me. To be a part of a couple’s commitment to travel the path of life together is one of the truly emotionally gratifying experiences.

To each couple I offer the opportunity to remain in contact for future consultation, if and when, there may arise one of those unexpected “bumps” along life’ journey. No one has ever sailed through life without facing bad weather, cross winds, or one of those rare hurricanes. Such contact is extended without charge.

Reverend Clegg is assisted at most weddings by her husband of thirty-five years.

About Reverend T. Wade Clegg III

Reverend Clegg completed all written requirements at The New Seminary (TNS) in New York in May 2003. Due to health complications, he delayed ordination in New York, and continued the ordination process while in Florida.

He was ordained by Lighthaven Interfaith Seminary, an affiliate of Universal University of Holistic Spirituality (UUHS) in Clearwater, Florida, the only accredited interfaith university in Florida, with college headquarters now in Panama City, Panama. He received his ministerial assignment to Universal Oneness United in May 2005.

Reverend Clegg was registered as a premarital preparation provider and affiant in Florida prior to moving to Virginia, where he is presently registered for ministerial duties in the Commonwealth of Virginia by the Fluvanna County Clerk of the Court in Palmyra, Virginia.

Reverend T. Wade Clegg III is a retired Air Force Officer,former businessman, broadcaster, and certified organic farmer. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Radio Television Journalism (1966), and received a graduate certificate in Communication at the Norman Campus of the University of Oklahoma (1972).